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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Driverless Electric Trucks

More driverless examples emerging.   Note the remote operation of these as well, so limitation of autonomous and public interaction.

Driverless Electric Truck Starts Deliveries on Swedish Public Road 
By Esha Vaish; Inze Filks; Anna Ringstrom

A driverless electric truck has started delivering freight daily along a public road in Sweden, an achievement described as a world first by vehicle developer Einride and logistics client DB Schenker. Einride CEO Robert Falck said, “This public road permit is a major milestone ... and it is a step to commercializing autonomous technology on roads.” The developer plans to have 200 vehicles dispatched by the end of next year. The T-Pod employs an Nvidia Drive platform for real-time visual data processing; a remote operator can coordinate and operate up to 10 T-Pods simultaneously. The vehicle can make short trips between a warehouse and terminal on a public road in an industrial area in Jonkoping, at a top speed of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) an hour.  .... " 

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