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Monday, May 27, 2019

Pervasive Intelligence Signals

Everywhere, thus most importantly in context, on the edge.   It is getting there. 

Pervasive intelligence
Smart machines everywhere

By David Schatsky, Jonathan Camhi, Aniket Dongre     Deloitte

​Everything is getting smarter, as new AI technology empowers an ever-widening range of devices to learn from experiences, adapt to changing situations, and predict outcomes. Companies are already exploring opportunities.

ADVANCES in artificial intelligence (AI) software and hardware are giving rise to a multitude of smart devices that can recognize and react to sights, sounds, and other patterns—and do not require a persistent connection to the cloud. These smart devices, from robots to cameras to medical devices, could well unlock greater efficiency and effectiveness at organizations that adopt them. That’s only part of the story. In some industries, they may also change how profits are divided.


AI software providers are tailoring their AI models and algorithms for deployment on machines and devices outside the data center.

Chip manufacturers are increasingly embedding support for AI directly into devices

AI chips are being developed that can perform complex computations but consume minute amounts of power in some cases, measured in microwatts.

Machines with embedded AI are beginning to appear in many industries, including logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and health care.

Annual shipments of devices with embedded AI are projected to increase from 79 million last year to 1.2 billion in 2023.

Advanced hardware is propelling AI out of the data center:  .....

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