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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Finding Manufacturing Defects with AI

Descriptive largely non technical article that explains potential.

How to Detect Manufacturing Defects Using AI in Nanalyze

While most consumers don’t often see the process of manufacturing their products, they are most certainly aware of when there is a defect in the product they receive. This kind of experience can range from disappointing to downright disastrous – neither of which is ideal for the company producing the product. Unfortunately, the reality of modern manufacturing is that unexpected defects are more frequent than most realize, and most companies that produce physical products don’t know about critical defects until it is already too late: the product is in their customers’ hands.

A sour patch of Amazon reviews alone can tank the life of a product that ships with a small but severe issue. Incidentally, many companies have actually turned to Amazon reviews to find issues that went under the radar in their manufacturing facilities. While this is an interesting trend in its own right, most companies don’t want things to come to this point. There needs to be a more reliable way to prepare for unexpected yet major issues in a product – be it a discrepancy in sourced parts, a design flaw, or something we can’t even imagine. From there, how does a company keep that data close at hand and continually iterate on known and unknown problems? That is where Instrumental comes in.

How Instrumental Helps Find Defects  .... " 

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