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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Amazon Using Gamification in Warehouses

Had not heard of this, but always looking for ways we can augment work by tweaking behavior.  Like adding some elements of fun.   Don't know if it actually works in practice,  but it is worth the try.

‘MissionRacer’: How Amazon turned the tedium of warehouse work into a game  By Greg Bensinger in the WP   

Inside several of Amazon’s cavernous warehouses, hundreds of employees spend hours a day playing video games. Some compete by racing virtual dragons or sports cars around a track, while others collaborate to build castles piece by piece.

But they aren’t whiling the time away playing Fortnite and Minecraft. Rather, they’re racing to fill customer orders, their progress reflected in a video game format that is part of an experiment by the e-commerce giant to help reduce the tedium of its physically demanding jobs. And if it helps improve the efficiency of work like plucking items from or stowing products on shelves for 10 hours a day or more, all the better. .... " 

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