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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Augmenting Movie Making Using VR

Makes sense to use a visual medium to show alternative views to be chosen or combined.   Using game techniques.   No mention of a potential AR capability when combining shots with physical sets, but would be similar. How this would influence creativity remains to be seen.  It is likely that people who work with visual choices will start to see more of this kind of capability, with the further ability of seeing measures like cost, predicted audience reactions, continuity measures and more. So how might this work in other industries?  With these measures also leading to different kinds of optimization of overall goals.   On we go.

Directors Using VR on Set to Find the Perfect Shot 
New Scientist
By Andrew Rosenblum  in ACM

Technicolor has developed a virtual reality (VR) headset that allows film directors to instantly see what a scene will look like with computer-generated imagery added. Previously, directors had to send footage of human actors to render farms (groups of powerful computers) that would add graphical elements in a process that could take days to complete. The VR headset incorporates a stack of high-powered chips originally designed for gaming, which provide directors the opportunity to see immediately how a scene will look with the addition of computer-generated elements. The director can be immersed in the three-dimensional world of the scene and find the best camera angles. Independent filmmaker Kevin Margo said the technology can reduce the cost of visual effects up to 20% by trimming the expenses of lighting, and of the process to combine the elements into a single image. ... "

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