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Thursday, May 30, 2019

David Brin Interviewed on Resiliency

We connected with David Brin a number of times through IFTF.  He is a well known futurist, physicist and Scifi Author.   Also consultant to NASA and NIAC.  Thoughtful piece I am reading.     Resilience  is the ability to bounce back from disaster. Of course disaster has a number of levels of severity, and yours may not be apocalyptic.  Broadly we found resiliency considerations, measures and systematic methods worthwhile regardless.

Unfortunately no free link here to full text, but worth the cost or looking it up on CACM.

An Interview with David Brin on Resiliency
By Peter J. Denning, David Brin 
Communications of the ACM, June 2019, Vol. 62 No. 6, Pages 28-31

Many people today are concerned about critical infrastructures such as the electrical network, water supplies, telephones, transportation, and the Internet. These nerve and bloodlines for society depend on reliable computing, communications, and electrical supply. What would happen if a massive cyber attack or an electromagnetic pulse, or other failure mode took down the electric grid in a way that requires many months or even years for repair? What about a natural disaster such as hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake that disabled all cellphone communications for an extended period?

David Brin, physicist and author, has been worrying about these issues for a long time and consults regularly with companies and federal agencies. He says there are many relatively straightforward measures that might greatly increase our resiliency—our ability to bounce back from disaster. I spoke with him about this.  ...


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