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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Google Announces New Glass

Emphasis on enterprise makes sense, we looked at the early versions, and there was not enough useful business content to make these work for key applications like plant machine maintenance.  Once this emerges, the demand for a platforms and developer innovation will follow.  I have asked to see some examples of current usage, and have not seen any.

Google Announces an Updated Google Glass for Enterprise   By Ryan Whitwam in Extremetech

Google initially launched Glass as a consumer device in 2013, but the age of face computers never arrived. There was an undeniable creepy factor when talking to someone wearing Glass, and society wasn’t ready for that. Google ended up pulling Glass from sale in 2015, but an enterprise version has continued to exist. Unlike consumers, workers in some industries actually have a use for a head-mounted holographic display. To accommodate those workers, Google today announced a new version of Google Glass for enterprise.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 still looks almost identical to the Google Glass of old. There’s a long arm on the right side of the glasses, which houses the hardware and battery. The prism display extends out in front of the right eye up toward the top of the lens. The effect is like having a small display floating at the top of your vision. It doesn’t completely overlay the world like HoloLens or MagicLeap, but that might be preferable for some industries. The inside of the new Glass is, well, new.  .... ' 

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