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Friday, May 17, 2019

(Update) GDPR Impact a Year Later

Its made browsing and gathering technical information harder, but for the corporation? (Update) in Fastcompany:  " ..... One year in, GDPR seems to have helped Google & Facebook ...  New projections from eMarketer show that Google and Facebook are both continuing to grow their share of the digital advertising market in the United Kingdom  ...".   I assume by making it more difficult for competitors.

GDPR’s Impact One Year Later   Alex Woodie in Datanami

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) granted Europeans unprecedented rights to control their own data, including the controversial “right to be forgotten.” The GDPR has been in effect for a year now, but what’s been the overall impact?

One thing is certain: There’s been no shortage of complaints around GDPR. According to a February survey by DLA Piper, there have been 59,000 complaints of data breaches in violation of GDPR since the law went into effect in May 2018. However the same report found only 91 fines have been handed out.

The biggest fines have been handed out to social media giants, like Google and Facebook. In January, Google was fined $56.8 million (€50 million) by the French data regulator CNIL for failing to sufficiently inform consumers about collecting data used in online ads, citing a “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent to personalize advertising.

Facebook is also bracing for possible GDPR fines as a result of a 2018 data breach, among other potential problems. The social media giant has stockpiled a reported $3 billion to pay Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fines that are expected as a result of its handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016.

But overall thus far, the GDPR hammer hasn’t come down to the extent that many expect it eventually will, so the jury is still out on that aspect of the regulation.

Compliance a multi-part affair when it comes to GDPR, and many companies around the world are at various stages of their GDPR journey .... "

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