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Friday, May 31, 2019

Public Decentralized Applications Not Broadly Used

The idea of a Dapp  (Distributed Application) is often included in the idea of 'smart contracts'.  The idea of inserting a Dapp into a blockchain is often mentioned.   The below refers to 'public'  blockchains and the creation of Dapps that can be arbitrary applications. Currently examining the concept and how it might support AI algorithms and applications.  So I don't see the below as broadly negative.  Most commercial systems are not public.

CryptoKitties, Dice Games Fail to Lure Users to Dapps 
The Wall Street JournalPaul Vigna

Attempts to entice people to use decentralized apps (Dapps) as alternatives to Google's Android or Apple's iOS apps have fallen short so far. Dapps cannot be censored by governments or controlled by corporations or other online gatekeepers, but users must first download and become familiar with a wholly new blockchain-based operating system. Developers have created about 2,700 Dapps with sufficient data to be tracked, yet just three Dapps have more than 10,000 daily active users, according to the State of the DApps website. The CryptoKitties Dapp, once a fad, lets users create and trade animated cats using cryptocurrency, but the fad has faded and the Dapp has only a few hundred daily users today  ... " 

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