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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Enterprise Needs to Invest for Machine Learning

Good piece.  Yes, usually in conjunction with companies and academia.   Also a way to train management and decision makers on its uses.  Enterprise wants examples of off the shelf results.  Also needs to be investment in understanding where the tech is best inserted into key process.

Becoming a machine learning company means investing in foundational technologies
Companies successfully adopt machine learning either by building on existing data products and services, or by modernizing existing models and algorithms.   By Ben Lorica  

In this post, I share slides and notes from a keynote I gave at the Strata Data Conference in London earlier this year. I will highlight the results of a recent survey on machine learning adoption, and along the way describe recent trends in data and machine learning (ML) within companies. This is a good time to assess enterprise activities, as there are many indications a number of companies are already beginning to use machine learning. For example, in a July 2018 survey that drew more than 11,000 respondents, we found strong engagement among companies: 51% stated they already had machine learning models in production. .... " 

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