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Thursday, May 16, 2019

James Burke on Predictive Analytics

Yes, this is that James Burke.  Heard his talks for many years.   Interesting but requires the whole talk.    I add the point that you can always predict, humans do it constantly,  but when are we close to correct,  what are the measures involved, and what are the risk implications?    All harder to quantify.

From the Strata conference, an excerpt:

Making the future
James Burke asks if we can use data and predictive analytics to take the guesswork out of prediction.

By James Burke May 1, 2019

This is a keynote highlight from the Strata Data Conference in London 2019. Watch the full version of this keynote on the O'Reilly online learning platform.

James Burke has been called “one of the most intriguing minds in the Western world” by the Washington Post. His audience is global. His influence in the field of the public understanding of science and technology is acknowledged in citations by such authoritative sources as the Smithsonian and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. His work is on the curriculum of universities and schools across the United States. In 1965, James began work with BBC-TV on Tomorrow’s World and went on to become the BBC’s chief reporter on the Apollo Moon missions. For over 40 years, he has produced, directed, written, and presented award-winning television series on the BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, and the Learning Channel. These include historical series, such as Connections (aired in 1979, it achieved the highest-ever documentary audience); The Day the Universe Changed; Connections2 and Connections3; a one-man science series, The Burke Special; a mini-series on the brain, The Neuron Suite; a series on the greenhouse effect, After the Warming; and a special for the National Art Gallery on Renaissance painting, Masters of Illusion. ....... '

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