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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Presentations from Retail Robotics and AI Conference

Impressive to see what is being done in this space:

RAC Retail Robotics & AI Conference Presentations

HINSDALE, Ill. – The second annual Retail Analytics Council Retail Robotics & AI Conference brought together more than 125 senior-level retailers, academics, and industry leaders for a unique educational event addressing current and future robot and AI trends. 

Topics addressed included: U.S.-China Retailers, Consumer Trends, and AI; Observations on the State of Retail Technology and AI; How to Implement a Retail Analytics Function; Advanced Analytics in Customer-Centric Strategies; AI Use Cases; How Bayesian Network Learning is Applied in Marketing; Data Privacy; Current Retail Robot Applications and Benefits; Robots in Retail Competition; Robust Perception for Robotics Systems; Intelligent Automation; and Future Retail Robot Applications. .... 

Speakers included:

Magali Bervillé, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Moroccanoil
John Black, Senior Vice President, New Product Development, Brain Corporation
Dr. Martin Block, RAC Executive Director and Professor, Medill/IMC, Northwestern University
Jeff Burnstein, President, The Association for Advancing Automation
Cari Covent, VP, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation, Canadian Tire Corporation
Justine Gottshall, Partner, InfoLawGroup LLP ....  (many more) 

Many of these speakers have made their conference presentations available to view. Visit the Platt Retail Institute website for more information.  Many presentations here.

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