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Monday, May 27, 2019

BBC Reports on Shareholder Vote Amazon on Rekognition

Shareholders vs government regulation.   Intriguing details from the UK, where advanced camera surveillance is ubiquitous.  Advanced automation of these systems will quickly follow.

Amazon defeated Rekognition revolt by a large margin
By Leo Kelion,    BBC Technology desk editor

An attempted shareholder revolt over Amazon's sale of facial recognition technology to the police mustered less than 3% of votes cast at the firm's annual general meeting.

The tally was revealed in a corporate filing.

The tech firm had said it was aware of civil rights concerns but had not received any reports of law enforcement clients misusing its Rekognition tool.

Even so, the system is set for further scrutiny.

Last week, Republican and Democrat politicians on the House Oversight Committee raised concerns about the speed at which Amazon's facial recognition facility and others like it were being deployed. ....  "

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