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Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Low-Code No-Code Future

Wrote many thousands of lines of computer code, built systems large and small.  Coding is powerful,  but also time consuming, non-transparent to most of the people that need its help and prone to error.

Sometimes you have to code from the ground up to do what you need to do, but its better to work with existing, maintained trusted capabilities.  We will need some coders for some time, but longer term they will be replaced by people who know how to choose and connect modules.   Ultimately the connecting and implementing will also be automated.

Thus, long term its probably not best to teach most students low level coding.  Teach them logic, business, augmentation, conversation, process, risk and results.  Some of those students will be needed to build, expand and maintain the modules of code needed.   But it will be a decreasing number.

When is this future?   I predict a decade from now far fewer people will be coding.   Another decade will complete automation. ...

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