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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wireless Networking for Everywhere

What are the implications for new infrastructure of Wifi Networking Everywhere?

Enterprise Networks in Cisco Blog
Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure for Intent-based Networking Everywhere   By Anand Oswal

We’ve come to expect that our mobile devices are always connected to our favorite applications and data sources via Wi-Fi and LTE. As enterprises move more resources to multiple domains—data center, campus, branch edge, and mobile cellular—always-available wireless connectivity for devices is not just a convenience, it’s essential for keeping business operations running. With many business processes dependent on cloud data storage and processing, there is no tolerance for network latency, congestion, or down-time from maintenance upgrades. Waiting for applications to respond because of overloaded Access Points (APs) hinders employee productivity and degrades customers’ experience. The explosive growth of IoT devices is adding yet another layer of complexity for ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity at a scale that will only grow over time.

To meet the demand for always-available connectivity for business and personal applications—especially those using rich, visual content—organizations will rely on the new Wi-Fi 6 standard for campus and intra-branch connectivity and LTE/5G for mobile and field connections to enterprise resources. The new technologies and improvements in Wi-Fi 6 are one reason we re-engineered Cisco Aironet Access Points, creating the new Catalyst 9100ax AP and the Catalyst 9800 series wireless controllers with augmented Wi-Fi 6 capabilities to provide always-available wireless connectivity coupled with always on-guard security for a multi-domain world of data and applications. ... " 

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