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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Google Lens Translation Filters Roll

Much enjoyed Google Lens, now if it could be used for learning-ready data acquisition.  Nice idea, also will be available on IOS photos    Translation  is a great idea, but I also want direct identification examples, like for example weeds or plants.   It have already worked with those, its not perfect, but good example of what you could imagine.  Suppose if you could scan someone and get a DNA analysis?    Not close yet, but a possibility?

Google Lens dining and translation filters roll out this week
AR can decipher a sign or point out hot menu items.

By Jon Fingas, @jonfingas in Engadget

Google is acting quickly on its plans to bring clever new filters to Lens. The search firm is starting to roll out its promised Dining and Translate filters to Lens on Android and iOS, giving you some potential time savers. Translate is likely to be the most practical if you're a traveler -- aim your camera at text and Lens can overlay a translation in the language of your choice. The Dining filter, meanwhile, can highlight popular dishes on a menu (complete with photos and feedback) as well as use your receipt to calculate bill splits and tips.  ... " 

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