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Friday, May 24, 2019

Samsung Puppets the Human Face

With lots of interesting video examples at the link.   From Samsung's AI group.   Fascinating and also a scary.  When will we not need actors at all?  First I had seem the term 'puppeting'.

Oh no, Samsung’s AI lab can create a video of you from a single still photo

The company recently showed off AI that allows it to “puppet” someone’s face onto another person’s body–using only a single photo for reference.     By Mark Wilson in Fast Company

Two years ago, a new, freely distributed AI software called “Deepfakes” enabled the public to melt reality by placing anyone’s head on someone else’s body in any video. Deepfakes is powerful, scary, and just labor intensive enough that our world hasn’t imploded yet. The AI’s biggest challenge is that for the tech to work convincingly, you have to collect hundreds of videos and images to create a digital mold of the person you want to impersonate.

But what if creating a digital clone didn’t require all this work? What if you could fake someone from a single photo? That’s the promise of new research out of Samsung’s AI lab. Starting with just one photo, Samsung’s latest AI technique can animate the 2D image into a convincing, full motion video. They’ve animated Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, Marilyn Monroe, even the Mona Lisa herself. ... " 

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