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Monday, November 05, 2018

AI Empowered Coding for Eye Tracking

Brought to my attention.  A natural next step

Smart-Gaze: AI powered coding for efficient Eye Tracking   in Karna.ai
“What you see is what you buy”

It is believed that 95% of the purchase decisions happen in the subconscious (let’s call it the reptile brain). The decisions taken by the reptile brain are strongly influenced by what we see. When walking across a supermarket aisle, we see hundreds of packs of different products. But then, there are some products that capture our attention. When we see such products, the reptile brain kicks into action, it fixates its attention on that packaging that looks interesting (“ooh shiny!!!”) and before we know it — we enter the process of seriously considering to purchase that product.

Eye-tracking is a well known tool to implicitly measure how people respond to different product packaging, advertisement copies, web-page layouts, banner placements and more. Performing eye-tracking studies have the potential to generate tremendous RoI on product packaging, advertisement creatives and placement decisions. But, we (and the clients we speak to) believe that the industry is only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to using this technique for generating insights. The reasons cited include that it is — expensive, slow, not objective (as participants get influenced by the process). However, we believe that the key reason is that the technology is not that developed yet. 
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