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Friday, November 23, 2018

Court Fight Over Commas

Although oddly its irrelevant, I worked at the Language Lab at Penn,  followed Language Log Blog since it was a newsletter,  So for unconnected reasons the complexity of language is always interesting, and in English, and some other languages,  this is an example of why you should take care.  Oxford Commas and all that.   The example is in law and the supply chain:
Court fight over Oxford commas and asyndetic lists

 -  Filed by Jason Eisner under Computational linguistics, coordination, Grammar, Language and the law, Linguistics in the news, Parsing, Punctuation, Usage  ... 

Language Log often weighs in when courts try to nail down the meaning of a statute. Laws are written in natural language—though one might long, by formalization, to end the thousand natural ambiguities that text is heir to—and thus judges are forced to play linguist. .... "

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