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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bitcoin for Real World Payments Drops 80%

Ultimately Bitcoin has to be usable for real-life exchange.  Its use there has dropped considerably.   More evidence towards a cryptocurrency winter.  At least until capabilities and regulation catch up.  Note in particular the mention of better infrastructure.

Bitcoin for payments a distant dream as usage dries up    By Tom Wilson in Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - The use of bitcoin for commercial payments has dropped dramatically this year, even as the original digital coin starts to fulfill one of the basic features of any payment currency: stability.

The value of bitcoins handled by major payment processors shriveled nearly 80 percent in the year to September, data from blockchain researcher Chainalysis shows. That suggests the cryptocurrency is struggling to mature from speculative asset to a serious alternative to state-issued money.

Months of relative calm in bitcoin prices after the wild swings of last winter had fueled hopes it would become widely used for payments, its intended purpose.

But its collapse in use as a payment currency has instead left big finance and crypto insiders eyeing better technological infrastructure to help bitcoin take off as a way to pay.  .... " 

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