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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Overview of Google Home Assistant Ecosystem

Good overview, largely non technical.   Good point about motivation of the typical consumer.  But it may ultimately lead to expectations that this is now a common part of the typical home.    I have both Alexa and Google systems in place and continue to look at how the system supports the intelligence needed in the home.

The Google Assistant smart home ecosystem is slowly starting to take shape    Can the Home Hub be part of a multiplier effect?
By Dieter Bohn      @backlon  in theVerge

At an event in San Francisco yesterday, Google gave the press a tour of a smart home featuring its Google Assistant products. Notably, the new Google Home Hub was there. It was, in many ways, pretty typical: here’s how you can turn on the lights, command a TV to play Stranger Things on Netflix (it’s always Stranger Things on Netflix), and start or stop a Roomba. But Google also showed off a handful of new features for both Assistant and its Google Home products.

On their own, none of these new features are particularly revolutionary. Taken together, they certainly don’t add up to a compelling case for why somebody who is already enmeshed in Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem should switch over. What they did do, however, was begin to present a coherent idea of how Google thinks its Assistant should work in a smart home and across its own products. .... " 

See also Google's Holiday oriented positioning of the Google Assistant :

Create your smart home for the holidays with the Google Assistant
By Lilian Rincon
Product Management Director, Google Assistant

Published Nov 14, 2018  ... "

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