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Monday, November 26, 2018

ACM on Emotionally Sentient Agents

Designing Emotionally Sentient Agents

Welcome to the December 2018 Communications of the ACM. The full issue and related content is available through the CACM Issue link, and also through the Table of Contents below.

In this issue:

"Designing Emotionally Sentient Agents," by Daniel McDuff and Mary Czerwinski, explains the importance of emotional components in the design of computer agents and assistants. McDuff describes the work behind emotionally sentient systems in an original video at bit.ly/2BlPjBG.

"Uncertainty in Current and Future Health Wearables," by Bran Knowles, et al., explores the difficulties that arise from the unpredictability of health wearables and related data.

"Point/Counterpoint presents two sides of a debate over AI regulation: "Should AI Technology Be Regulated? Yes, and Here's How," by Oren Etzioni, is countered by "Regulators Should Allow the Greatest Space for AI Innovation," by Andrea O’Sullivan and Adam Thierer. Etzioni and Thierer discuss their positions in an original video at bit.ly/2OTVqkv.

And more in the table of contents.  https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2018/12

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