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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wal-Mart has a Toy Lab

In a completely different domain, we asked the same question:  How can we get consumers to feel they are very involved with us,  are our special customer?   Special testers of product and experience?   Here the more recent concept of the 'unboxing video' is being used.   Plus some aspects of humor and scripted interaction.   Nice idea.

Can online unboxing videos turn Walmart into ‘America’s Best Toy Shop?’
 This article was written jointly by Tom Ryan and Matthew Stern. In Retailwire,

Walmart this holiday introduced an online shop, The Walmart Toy Lab, that invites kids to become a “Walmart toy tester” and play with 20 top trending toys from their computer or tablet.

“Like stepping into an interactive unboxing video, The Walmart Toy Lab lets kids take on the role of an official Walmart Toy Tester,” wrote Walmart in a statement.

Unboxing and toy feature videos have shown to be a huge draw for toy-shopping kids. Earlier this year, Walmart partnered with pre-teen YouTube star Ryan of RyansToyReviews, who in 2016 made a whopping $11 million off his unboxing videos.

The Toy Lab rollout comes a few months after Walmart’s announcement that it was branding itself as “America’s Best Toy Shop” with expanded toy aisles and assortments in its stores, an improved toy demoing experience in-store and exclusive toy-related content online.

At the Walmart Toy Lab microsite, an interactive video first introduces the game’s host, Burt, who guides kids through the toy-testing steps. Using a “Funtroller,” kids select toys to test and can choose to take a closer look, try their main features and watch other children play with them. Kids can also click the “Don’t Push” button and see Burt enter a dream sequence, hang upside down or otherwise face an “unexpected surprise.”  ... "

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