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Monday, November 19, 2018

Microsoft Adds AI to PowerBI and Azure for Business

Interesting to see how, for the AI is often in the details.  Make the point of de emphasizing coding skills and thus automating some of the process.  'Containerized cognitive services'.    Language processing,  Sentiment, facial recognition.   How well is that done?  Aim to take a look.

Microsoft announces new updates aimed at helping businesses more easily adopt AI   By Chris Stetkiewicz

This week, Microsoft announced several technology updates aimed at helping customers adopt artificial intelligence tools that can yield big benefits for businesses and organizations.

The announcements come as most companies say they want to use AI, even though some are struggling to figure out how to do so. Industry analysts have predicted an explosion of AI adoption over the next few years, but they say many companies still face internal barriers to AI adoption.

For AI to deliver its vast potential, Microsoft executives said industry leaders must not only make AI-infused technology faster, more intuitive and more useful, but also build public trust that AI technology will be used responsibly.

Helping customers put AI to work
Microsoft said it is helping customers adopt AI in multiple ways. That includes providing more flexible options for deploying AI tools – on the intelligent edge, in remote environments or in networks that a company maintains on-site.

For example, Microsoft said this week that it is the first company to enable cognitive services to be used in containers. Azure Cognitive Services are tools developers can use to add AI functionality such as image recognition to their systems. Containers support means companies can take advantage of AI tools even if they are in a scenario in which they can’t easily access the public cloud.

Microsoft’s first containerized cognitive services include APIs that use optical character recognition to find words in images; can detect language, extract key phrases and analyze sentiment in text; and recognize faces in images. Those initial containerized services are now available in preview, and more will follow.

Many business leaders cite a lack of data science expertise as a barrier to AI adoption. To help them get started, Microsoft is offering a preview of simpler AI features in its Power BI business analytics and data visualization service that don’t require users to write a single line of code. The company said these updates will make it easier for users across a business to discover hidden insights in their data, regardless of their coding skills.  ... " 

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