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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Technology Enabling Alibaba to Sell $30.8 Billion

Impressive combination of tech being used to provide sales volume.   AI, Blockchain, Cloud,  Cooling, Supply Chain, Energy consumption  ...  So leading edge tech is not all hype, given the right problem.

" ... The technology enabling Alibaba to sell $30.8 billion in Double 11 goods ... From artificial intelligence to datacentre cooling, machine learning, and blockchain, Alibaba used new technology to surpass its record 11.11 Global Shopping Festival sales figure set last year by 45.3 billion yuan.  ... 

The Technology Enabling Alibaba to Sell $30.8B in Double 11 Goods
in ZDNet    by Asha McLean via CACM

Alibaba used artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other technologies to rack up $30.8 billion in gross merchandise volume through its 24-hour Global Shopping Festival on November 11 (11/11, or “double eleven”). The company employed AI to enhance the shopping experience for buyers and sellers, and pushed the envelope of its cloud infrastructure to process a high volume of transactions. Alibaba optimized the performance of the global Internet data centers (IDCs) hosting its online stores with the DC Brain intelligent operating platform, which uses machine learning to forecast electrical consumption and power usage effectiveness for each IDC in real time, controlling each to lower overall energy consumption. Also used by Chinese shoppers was Mobile Taobao, a global tracking system app that uses the Internet of Things and blockchain to confirm products bought by consumers via dual authentication and two-way encryption. The app tracks the real-time location of items through location-based services and global positioning systems.  .... "

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