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Monday, November 12, 2018

SAP Acquires Qualtrics

Long time user of SAP in our enterprise.  Note the $8 Billion cost, seems quite steep.  I see them as a Customer Feedback Platform, see also here for comparison to other players.  In things of the complexity of SAP it is all about the customer experience, and especially as new tech is blended in.

 SAP Aquiries Qualtrics, Propel It Forward In The AOC?

By Faith Adams, Analyst,    Forrester

Yesterday, SAP announced that it is acquiring Qualtrics for a hefty $8 billion in cash.  https://www.qualtrics.com/

For SAP, this does make some sense. SAP is often perceived as being a legacy provider that struggles to play in the consumer space, and this acquisition may be able to help it make a larger data play. It may also enable SAP to close the loop when it comes to some of the VoC gaps in its C/4HANA CX suite that was announced earlier this year. But all of this is to be determined.  ... " 

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