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Friday, November 30, 2018

Decision Trees with Python

With a full conceptual implementation in Python:

A breath of fresh air with Decision Trees in Medium

A very versatile decision support tool, capable of fitting complex algorithms, that can perform both classification and regression tasks, and even multi output tasks.

Trees are very interesting beings… they can start from a single branch and develop into a very complex network of branches with millions of leaves at their ends. It’s curious that a great number of technologies and methodologies are created based on what we see in Nature. Machine Learning Decision Tree algorithm is one of those cases!

A decision tree is a Supervised Machine Learning algorithm. This non-parametric system, contrary to Linear Regression models (which assume linearity), makes no underlying assumptions about the distribution of the errors or the data. It is a flowchart-like structure, composed of several questions (node) and depending on the answers (branch) given it will lead to a class label or value (leaf) when applied to any observation.  ... "

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