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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Predicting Crime

Course we have long been able to predict likelihood,  its very close, but when does it flip over to making a decision, what are the broader implications of that decision and what is the risk of that decision?

Can we predict when and where a crime will take place?     By Mark Smith in the BBC

The new crime-fighting weapon of choice for a growing number of police forces around the world isn't a gun, a taser or pepper spray - it's data. But can computer algorithms really help reduce crime?

Imagine a gang of bank robbers arriving at their next heist, only to find an armed response unit already waiting on the corner.

Or picture walking down a dark alley and feeling afraid, then seeing the reassuring blue lights of a police car sent to watch over you.

Now imagine if all of this became possible thanks to mathematics.

Ever since the Philip K Dick novel The Minority Report, which was later turned into a Tom Cruise blockbuster, was published in the 1950s, futurists and philosophers have grappled with the concept of "pre crime". ... " 

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