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Friday, November 30, 2018

(Updated) Amazon Extracting Information from Unstructured Medical Text

Announced at Amazon Invent this week.  This was just pointed out to me.  (Via Walter Riker)  I had heard of this being used in conjunction with assistant style interfaces,  How it might be accurate enough to purpose is unclear.  Worth a look.

Amazon Comprehend Medical     

Extract information from unstructured medical text accurately and quickly
No machine learning experience required

Amazon Comprehend Medical is a natural language processing service that makes it easy to use machine learning to extract relevant medical information from unstructured text. Using Amazon Comprehend Medical, you can quickly and accurately gather information, such as medical condition, medication, dosage, strength, and frequency from a variety of sources like doctors’ notes, clinical trial reports, and patient health records.

One of the important ways to improve patient care and accelerate clinical research is by understanding and analyzing the insights and relationships that are “trapped” in free-form medical text, including hospital admission notes and a patient’s medical history.

Today this is achieved by writing and maintaining a set of customized rules for natural language processing software, which are complicated to build, time-consuming to maintain, and fragile. A change to a single classification code name, for example, can impact dozens of hard-coded rules and failing to update a single one of them can result in missed or incorrect data. Machine learning can change all that with models that can reliably understand the medical information in unstructured text, identify meaningful relationships, and improve over-time.   ... "

(Update) Another piece on the same system:

Amazon launches patient data-mining service to assist docs
Through its Amazon Web Services platform, Amazon is offering an A.I. engine that can cull useful information from millions of unstructured electronic files, including patient electronic medical records.
By Lucas Mearian  Senior Reporter, Computerworld 

See alsoAmazon has now opened its internal training for this and other AWS AI systems to all for free, examining. See:  https://eponymouspickle.blogspot.com/2018/11/amazon-opens-it-internal-machine.html  

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