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Monday, November 19, 2018

Model your Knowledge: Jerry's Brain

Do you have a map of what all you have done, written, researched?   Jerry Michalski has one.  See:  https://www.jerrysbrain.com/  We looked at this as a possible means of capturing retiring expertise, in an earlier AI era.   We connected with him and prototyped the idea.  This Blog is an outgrowth of that same extended experiment.  So was our internal Wiki experiment PGPedia.   Can this be a way to start, bootstrap, maintain knowledge for assistants?

He writes, and at the link there are some good visual examples. Taking a fresh look.

" ... Imagine if you had all the things worth remembering over the past 21 years, some 374,000 items, all curated in one giant mind map. 

I have that.   ... You can use it.

This site offers some explanations and links. Enjoy!  https://www.jerrysbrain.com/
Launch Jerry's Brain on the Web.         ...         

Get the iOS app for your iPad (iPhones not recommended) ... 

Please note: the data you'll see in the Jerry's Brain iOS app doesn't go beyond 2016, and will likely remain that way. That app is written to talk with TheBrain Server 8, and I'm now on version 10. The app would need a substantial rewrite, which is out of my hands and not economically viable, given the few copies that do sell :)

Get your own Brain at TheBrain.com

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