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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ford Working on Robot Delivery

More self driving delivery.   Ford it seems is a new player.  The customer process of retrieving goods from a driverless vehicle should be interesting.  But likely inevitable.

Ford teaming up with Walmart and Postmates on robot deliveries
Self-driving vehicles delivering groceries in Miami
By Andrew J. Hawkins   @andyjayhawk

Ford is joining forces with Walmart and Postmates to create a grocery delivery service using self-driving vehicles in Miami, the companies announced Wednesday.

Ford has been using Miami as a test bed for its self-driving vehicles since earlier this year. And more recently, the auto giant joined with Postmates to see how people ordering takeout food would interact with an autonomous delivery van.

Now Ford is moving to the next stage: grocery delivery. The company says it will experiment with different vehicle types, as well as modifications to those vehicles needed to keep perishable food items fresh. It will also experiment with a variety of scenarios, such as multiple deliveries on one trip and the user experience of retrieving delivery items from a fully driverless vehicle. ... " 

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