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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mindmap for Managers about Data Science

Nicely done,   Though would have liked more connection from the map to details.  But worth a scan.

Intro to Data Science for Managers [Mindmap]  Posted by Igor Bobriakov in DSC

Data science has become an integral part of many modern projects and businesses, with an increasing number of decisions now based on data analysis. The data science industry is experiencing an acute shortage of talents, not only of data scientists but also of managers, having some understanding of analytics and data science. As a manager, you can ultimately become the company's expert in data usage, creating opportunities for the evolution of your organization. Whether you are working with a team of data scientists, as a part of a data-driven business, or you are interested in implementing data science solutions — you shall have some data knowledge and understand its organizational capabilities.   ... " 

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