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Saturday, November 10, 2018

To Fork or not to Fork? Whats a Fork?

MIT's Tech Review is now running  a newsletter summary dealing with Blockchain , worth subscribing to.   From the the latest issue.  So you can vote on which version (Fork) of the software is 'best' in some way.  At a pretty high level, like which is most secure?

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and why they matter  

11.08: You can go your own way.

Welcome to Chain Letter! Great to have you. Here’s what’s new in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. 

To fork or not to fork. If, every now and then, you forget that cryptocurrency is pretty weird, there’s nothing like a contentious hard fork to serve as a reminder. If there is disagreement within a blockchain network about a software upgrade, those who object can keep running the old chain after the upgrade, creating two separate currencies. But as weird as it is, it somehow seems appropriate that Bitcoin Cash, the product of last year’s most high-profile Bitcoin hard fork, is now facing a potential hard fork of its own. The real prospect of a blockchain split, which would happen November 15, has major players in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem taking sides. ... "

So could I fork on the latest accounting software to get a better deal?   Scary.

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