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Monday, November 12, 2018

Amazon and Apple Collaborate in Retail?

The two teaming up could further yet create a yet more powerful retail power.  Plus consider the deeper AI capabilities in combination.   Or are the naturally just competitors?

Amazon and Apple get co-opetitive
by Matthew Stern in Retailwire  more detail and expert retail opinion at the link.

More Apple products are getting the stamp of approval from Amazon, which will officially enable the sale of a range of new devices on-site from the tech brand.

Amazon is approving the sale of the latest iPad Pro, iPhone and Apple Watch models by authorized resellers rather than just through the third-party marketplace, according to TechCrunch. Independent sellers will, in fact, have their listings removed. Amazon already allows the official sale of some products, such as laptops and Beats headphones.

The change in the trade partner relationship raises questions about the extent to which Amazon considers Apple to be a competitor and what Amazon’s long-term plan might be for the device market. The two companies have been involved in an ongoing push/pull over their competitive devices, with Amazon sometimes removing Apple products from its site or Apple refusing to play ball with Amazon in some other manner.  .... "    

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