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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Coaching Networks: Humanity's Fighting Chance

The recent look at the concept of the Nudge Theory and Nudge Engines led me to a reference about 'Coaching Networks'.  Term was new to me.   Can it be that AI itself will keep us from being automated out of job?  Seems to be the premise.  Like the idea.  Examining.

Coaching Networks / AI
Coaching Networks: Humanity’s Fighting Chance
Artificial intelligence is about to give humanity a fighting chance to win the race against automation.
By Gordon Ritter, Founder + General Partner

" ... We don’t view artificial intelligence as a threat that replaces us, but as an asset that helps us unlock our full potential as people. Our prediction: the consumer internet is about to radically transform into a framework that rescues us from passive addiction and places human creativity, productivity, and brilliance firmly at the forefront of the future.  ... " 

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