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Monday, November 12, 2018

Kroger Making Cinci a High Tech Hub

Good information and details here.  Have followed Kroger's efforts since we collaborated with our innovation center. Very impressed at what Kroger is doing now.   I make it a point to visit every demonstration store and report on the tech here.  My clients often comment on what is going on.  Consider also the University centers here as well.  Keep it moving!

 ... If anyone wants to collaborate with me and my blog in helping drive the hub forward,  connect with me on Linkedin and lets talk. ... Franz Dill

Kroger Is Intent on Making Cincinnati a True Tech Hub    By Randy Hofbauer -  in Progressive Grocer

The Kroger Co.'s technology arm is partnering with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to attract top technology talent from across the globe and turn the city into a true tech hub.

The effort begins with CincyisIT.com, which is powered by Kroger Technology. The portal will reach new markets through digital outreach, national conferences, career fairs and special events, all while introducing a new audience to Kroger's technology arm and businesses throughout the Cincinnati area.

"CincyisIT.com invites technology talent from our city and around the world to explore career opportunities, engage with regional training events and discover our vibrant community," said Denise Haskamp, manager of human resources for Kroger Technology. "Kroger Technology is committed to partnering with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber through exciting initiatives like this program to continue designing a region with endless opportunities."

Kroger has been furthering its technological prowess and working hard to put Cincinnati on the map as a major tech hub. Recently, it announced a planned innovation lab within the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub. Housed within the Uptown Innovation Corridor, the 1819 Innovation Hub serves as a “beacon of community innovation and impact in partnership with higher education,” and is claimed to be the region’s newest destination for “thinking, making, doing, discovery and delivery.” ... "  ... ' 

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