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Friday, November 30, 2018

Amazon Opens its Internal Machine Learning to All for Free

Nice, especially with regards to how machine learning links to its own devices.  I am noting Amazon Comprehend.

Amazon Opens Its Internal Machine Learning Courses to All for Free 
in TechCrunch   By Connie Loizos

Amazon is opening the internal machine learning courses it uses to train its own engineers for the first time to people outside the company, for free. According to the company's Matt Wood, Amazon has made available 30 different courses comprising more than 45 hours of training for developers, data scientists, data platform engineers, and business professionals. Wood said every course "starts with the fundamentals, and builds on those through real-world examples and labs, allowing developers to explore machine learning through some fun problems we have had to solve at Amazon. These include predicting gift wrapping eligibility, optimizing delivery routes, or predicting entertainment award nominations using data from IMDB (the Internet Movie Database)." Wood also said the coursework helps streamline best practices, and shows trainees how to begin work on a variety of Amazon Web Services (AWS) machine learning services, such as Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Comprehend.  ... "

Link to Courses.

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