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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wal-Mart's In-store AI Lab

Useful to do this in a real operating store.   Many of details of  technology and analytics delivery are best seen in the messy operating world of retail.  We tried to quickly move our laboratory tests to real stores.   Also makes sure you get it right for both associates and shoppers and physical context.   The 'low stocks on shelves' detection was a common challenge.

Walmart puts AI to the test in an in-store lab    by Tom Ryan in Retailwire with expert comment.

Walmart is opening a laboratory inside a small Walmart in Levittown, NY to test artificial intelligence (AI) applications for both associates and shoppers.

The Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL), according to TechCrunch, will see how AI can be used to identify low stocks on shelves, when items are on the wrong shelf and spillages. Walmart is also looking for a better understanding of when shopping carts are running low near the store’s entrance, according to the report. 

Hardware, software and other equipment have been installed, but the lab is not yet operational. IRL is part of Walmart’s incubator Store No. 8. and being led by the Kepler Project. The Kepler team, according to past reports, is also testing computer vision and cashier-less technologies similar to the Amazon Go experience.

In late October, Sam’s Club said it was opening a cashier-less concept in Dallas that enables shoppers to use its Now app to not only pay for purchases, but access smart shopping lists, store maps and augmented reality tech to access product information. Like IRL, some features support store operations.   ... " 

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