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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Armpit Sniffing Sensors with AI

Because of the products we made, for many years we used human sensory labs to address anti-odorant efficacy.  So this digitizing of the sensory process is very interesting. 

Arm Leads Project to Develop an Armpit-Sniffing Sensor Chip 
in IEEE Spectrum  by Samuel K. Moore 

As part of an initiative to reduce the cost of Internet of Things devices for incorporation into consumer products, U.K.-based Arm is designing the first machine learning-enabled flexible plastic sensor chip to detect body odor. The chip features sensor arrays, a machine-learning processor, and an interface assembled on a thin plastic film, with a battery and display possibly added later. Arm designed naive Bayes classifier-based machine learning circuitry, while PragmatIC produced amorphous-oxide-based flexible electronics, near-field communication, and radio-frequency identification chips; the University of Manchester contributed a plastic gas-sensing solution and a model of human olfactory perception, and Unilever loaned its consumer-products expertise and its odor-testing laboratory. The sensor arrays were composed of field-effect transistors made from chemically modified organic semiconductors, refined to respond to distinct gaseous analytes. The arrays' collective response, read by the machine learning component, signals the strength of the wearer's armpit odor.  ... "

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