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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thinking Machines

Like the broadening of what we sometimes call AI.  I like the idea of 'Cognitive' because it promises less.  Would also like to add other classifiers, say 'Process Intelligence'?

Thinking Machines Going Mainstream 
in SIGNAL Magazine  By George I. Seffers

Experts predict cognitive computing will eventually become normalized as a routine behavioral component in any newer systems. "It will be an expectation of the users that this assistive, interactive, iterative role that it plays within decision making becomes the norm," says Cognitive Computing Consortium co-founder Sue Feldman. She believes more interactive technology will be "able to return answers or graphs or whatever is necessary in an iterative manner with the people who are using it," while also being contextual. Meanwhile, consortium co-founder Hadley Reynolds expects an acceleration in the blurring of boundaries between technological devices and other objects, including apparel and everyday appliances, to the point where they vanish completely. Feldman and Reynolds agree big data will continue to fuel advances in cognitive computing, with a major possibility of a new profession stemming from cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The consortium co-founders alternately cite ethics and trust as the most pressing remaining challenges for cognitive computing. ... " 

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