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Monday, January 29, 2018

Virtualitics for 3D Data Sharing

Took another look at Virtualitics.  The idea is one we experimented with for years and this is a commercial example.  This is a kind of  Virtual Visualization, and particularly attractive if you want
to share visualizations among many people.  Premise is interesting,  easily sharing complex data is good.    Its less clear if the 'immersive' aspects of this capability are very beneficial.   I am on the  newsletter for this effort

Key Features: 

We have built the first platform to merge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Virtualitics Dashboard  :  Next generation data analytics

Visualize and understand your data as never before thanks to our innovative use of VR/AR, Machine Learning and Natural Language.

Shared Virtual Office (SVO) and VR Dashboards
Collaborative and fully customizable shared space where you can analyze data and present and discuss insights. ... "

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