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Monday, January 22, 2018

Virtual Dash Buttons

Recently sent to me, an announcement that Amazon dash buttons were going 'virtual', and have been for some time.  And I was sent virtual buttons for a number of things that I had ordered in the past.  Not quite the same thing as physical buttons that make their presence on the frig, but if you reside on the Web, as many workers do, its quick and easy. 

And how is this really changing my retail behavior, when they are not physical buttons?  May depend on how organized I am online.   Would like to have  a reminder too of the relative deal I am getting.  Is it just convenience?

Dear Amazon Customer,

You can now use Dash Buttons online to instantly reorder your favorite products, just like you do with the Dash Button devices in your home. Our new virtual Dash Buttons are available for tens of millions of products that ship with Prime, and they’re free, so you can add as many as you want. We’ve automatically added buttons for products you’ve purchased in the past. Check them out today.  ....   further described here.

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