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Friday, January 26, 2018

Picking Your Own Produce

This has always been brought up as an issue for online grocery ordering, being unable to pick your own produce like you could in the store.   First I have heard of this approach.  I do wonder if the majority of people want that level of choice, as long as general quality was assured.

Walmart 3-D image patent lets online shoppers pick their produce
By George Anderson in Retailwire with expert discussion

(Includes patent images) Through a special arrangement, what follows is an excerpt of an article from Retail Dive, an e-newsletter and website providing a 60-second bird’s eye view of the latest retail news and trends. .... 

A new patent from Walmart would allow consumers to view real images of their groceries — rather than stock images — before purchasing online, CB Insights reported.

Through the system, called the “Fresh Online Experience” (FOE), a customer orders an item based on a stock photo. A store associate then scans the exact item in Walmart’s inventory with a 3-D scanner and the image is sent to the customer to accept or reject the particular item.  ... " 

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