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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mycroft: Better Privacy and Open Source Assistant

Wrote about Mycroft back in April 2016,  have been following.  Still says it won't be available until late 2018.   You do have to be careful about funding some of these efforts, there is always a considerable possibility it won't ship ever.  Better privacy and open source are good things, and would like to see an option out there that could be better tailor-able to those concerns.

Mycroft Mark II: The Open Source Answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home That Doesn’t Spy on You   By Abhishek Prakash

Meet Mycroft: An Open Source Virtual Assistant
Thankfully, we have an open source virtual assistant called Mycroft. It doesn’t violate your privacy, it is open and customizable. You can get the source code of Mycroft on GitHub.  .... "

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