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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hospitality Robotics

Clear that robotics will increasingly do labor intensive tasks with robot helpers.   Flexibility will be needed.   Indoor location and navigation solutions will be needed.

The Relay hotel delivery robot will soon spot Wi-Fi dead zones and mingle with guests   By Paul Miller  @futurepaul in TheVerge

 Directly adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center is a Renaissance hotel with a pair of special staff members: robots. Savioke’s Relay robots have been on the job for three months, helping out the concierge by delivering items to guests during peak hours. The two robots, named “Elvis” and “Priscilla” by the hotel, pick up orders from the front desk, call and ride the elevators without help, and call the guest’s room phone when they’ve arrived. They navigate autonomously, based on a pre-generated map, so there’s no problem if they lose Wi-Fi or LTE signal. I got to watch a delivery in action (to a demo room), and it was a seamless experience. ,,,, " 

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