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Monday, January 29, 2018

Algorithmia: Best Practices for Algorithm Design

Have not looked at Algorithmia for a while. It is branded as a marketplace for algorithms. Nice idea, don't know how well it is doing. 

They now have a good blog post on Best Practices for Algorithm Design:

Nicely done, lots of good thoughts on the problems. Includes code snippets.   Should be read.  BUT not a word about any kind of inherent bias in the designs. That is a high level decision, certainly, but probably one of the most important considerations to consider.   The bias may come from the particular context of the data used to derive the algorithm.  So the algorithm also must include all the context,  but I have found that is rarely done.

" ... We host more than 4000 algorithms for over 50k developers. Here is a list of best practices we’ve identified for designing advanced algorithms. We hope this can help you and your team. ... "

What is Algorithmia?

" ... Home
Welcome to the Algorithmia Developer Center. Here you can find guides showing how to use the Algorithmia Clients in the language of your choice, find tutorials for Working with Data on Algorithmia, learn how to Write your own Algorithm or Host your Data Model using frameworks such as Scikit-learn or Tensorflow.   .... " 

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