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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Baidu Builds Raven H Assistant

Reported this previously regards its use of the Duer platform.     See my tags below to see more about that.

Baidu takes aim at Amazon and Google with the Raven H, its first smart speaker    By Brandon Widder in DigitalTrends.

Google is no longer the only search engine with a digital assistant under its belt. Baidu, which operates the most popular search engine in China and recently acquired smart home startup Raven, was on hand at CES to showcase the forthcoming Raven H and establish itself as yet another player in the crowded field of digital assistants.

Much like the Amazon Echo and like-minded Google Home, the Raven H is a voice-activated speaker that’s built upon an artificial intelligence platform (in this case, DuerOS). The stylish, colorful device is the result of Swedish engineering, and makes use of a detachable LED touchscreen that flips up and lets you to control all aspects of your smart home. Once connected to your home network, the tower-like device can hail a cab, turn on your lights, read the news, and play music via several high-end audio components that come courtesy of Tymphany..... " 

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