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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Windows Insider on Mixed Reality

Been following Microsoft's interest in 'mixed reality' aka augmented reality for a client.  Just discovered Microsoft insider podcasts, which looks at near future directions in Windows operating systems,  applications and their potential use in the enterprise.  Most recently they have just featured a considerable podcast on mixed reality that is worth a look.  Quote:

Alex Klipman:  (from video):  Now we're standing together at the threshold of the next revolution of computing.  Now, the thing that excites me about this revolution is that computers will empower us to renegotiate our very contract with reality, giving us the capability to transcend time, space, and devices

In this revolution we will immerse ourselves in virtual worlds of our choosing, and we'll be able to accomplish impossible things.  And we'll be able to do all of this while creating lasting memories with the people that we love

Our very sense of reality is set to be transformed as we enter this new era of computing, the era of mixed reality .... " 

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