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Friday, January 26, 2018

China Wants to Build AI Chips for Any Gadget

China Wants to Make the Chips That Will Add AI to Any Gadget 
In Technology Review  By Yiting Sun

China's technology industry is exploring innovative processor designs for the purpose of incorporating artificial intelligence into ordinary devices. For example, researchers at Tsinghua University in Beijing have developed Thinker, a low-power chip that is capable of dynamically tailoring its computing and memory requirements to meet the requirements of the software being run. Thinker's creators say the chip could be embedded in a broad spectrum of devices, including smartphones, watches, home robots, or equipment stationed in remote areas. The Tsinghua team is planning to launch the first product equipped with Thinker in March. Also coming soon is the production of Dadu, a dual-core chip for robots that runs neural networks and controls motion. The Dadu development team says the chip's neural core operates algorithms for vision, while the chip's motion core plans the optimal route for reaching a destination or the best motion for grabbing an object. ... " 

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