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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Amazon Go Opening to Public

Don't plan to get to this anytime soon, but continue to follow automatic sensing and payment systems in detail here.   Would like to better understand the behavioral details of the interaction.  An outcome of our lab's experiments with the idea.

Amazon’s Checkout-Free Grocery Store Is Opening to the Public
At Amazon Go, you grab your milk and leave. It might take some getting used to.   by Rachel Metz  in Technology Review,
In the shadow of Amazon’s offices in downtown Seattle, people enter a tiny grocery store, take whatever they want, and then walk out. And nobody runs after them screaming.

This is what it’s like to shop at Amazon Go, the online retail giant’s vision for the future of brick-and-mortar stores. There are no checkout clerks, or even checkout stands. Instead, a smartphone app, hundreds of regular and infrared cameras on the ceiling (black on black, so they blend in), computer-vision algorithms, and machine learning work together to figure out what you’re picking up and charge you for it on a credit card connected to your Amazon account.  ... " 

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